Makeup Remover Wipes - Large

Keep your nails and your consciousness clean with our reusable nail polish pads! Single-use cotton pads contribute to the garbage mountain, and unfortunately organic cotton pads don't make a huge difference since they end up in landfill and oceans – just like their conventional counterparts.

Since cotton also requires huge amounts of water, reducing your single-cotton use is one of the most important parts of living life more from your heart. These nail polish wipes with happy patterns let you change the color of your toenails as often as you wish, while keeping your footprint small!


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● Dimensions : 15 cm x 15 cm

● Pack of 3

● Fabric: 100% organic bamboo (OEKO-TEX®) printed with environmentally friendly inks in Sweden / 100% organic bamboo sponge

● Thread: 100% organic cotton

● Design using zero waste pens and recycled paper

● Ethically handmade with care in France

● We recommend washing by hand at a maximum of 30°. To keep the colours beautiful, avoid products containing bleach, wash on the reverse side, iron at a low temperature, do not tumble dry and do not dry clean.

● Sent in recycled packaging