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The Other Side stands for organic and vegan clothing and a sustainable fashion to live life. We believe that eco-friendly clothing can be both fun and affordable, as part of a conscious lifestyle that respects both your economy and the Earth.

We’re fans of simplicity and style and to practice what we preach. Simply saying that we care is not enough – you’ll find information on how each product is sustainable in the shop. Wearing The Other Side means choosing fashion with a heart!


Our sustainable clothing unites UK recklessness and French savoir-faire : if you’re looking for organic women’s clothing in the UK and in France, you’re home. The Other Side offers accessories and clothes combining the boldness and confidence from the UK with the elegance and savoir-faire from the French capital. Everything is carefully handmade in London, or in our French ateliers.


We believe that you can have it all. That’s why our clothes are sustainable, comfortable to wear for all bodies and designed to express your personality. We offer inexpensive, sustainable clothing so that you can do good at a good price. See how this is possible on our About page.


To us, sustainability stretches beyond buzzwords. It infuses the whole supply chain of our comfy clothes : from the patterns designed by Lysa on organic paper with zero waste pencils, through the fabric in 100% organic cotton canvas (GOTS) printed with environmentally-friendly ink in Sweden, to the production by Lysa in London or in an ethical atelier in France.


When the piece is ready for you to rock, we ship it to you carefully packaged. Without plastic. With love. You’ll receive it wrapped in zero waste packaging where all materials can be reused. The envelope is made of recyclable cardboard without nasty plastics polluting the oceans. That way, you can dress in a way that displays your dope taste and respects mama Earth!


We design with the intention to make you feel gorgeous as you are. The Other Side is clothes designed by women for women, with comfort and confidence as our core values. Because no one likes to choose between looking and feeling good !


On The Other Side, we value respect, harmony and joy. We believe in a new way of living based on collaboration and cooperation. We are all acting together to create a peaceful environment for us and the next generations to live in.

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